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Pros and cons living in the country

Living in the country has some pros and cons, just like living in the city. One advantage is that it is not expensive - you can grow your own plants and raise animals, for example cows, pigs or poultry. It is even safer because you know what you eat. And you live in a house! That is a big plus. Another point is that you can really rest and relax because of fresh air and friendly, outgoing neighbours. People who live in the country are not as nervous and depressed as city-dwellers. They are more outgoing. But unfortunately, living in the country has some disadvantages, especially for young people. They have problems with their peers from the city, who laugh at their origin. Also, there is no entertainment in the country.

The only thing you can count on, is a dancing in the biggest room in the village (usually in firehouse). On the minus side, it is almost impossible to find a job there. That is why country-dwellers often look for a work in the city. Sometimes they find it. But there is still one serious problem- transport. In some places buses run only twice a day. And not everybody can afford to have a car. All those disadvantages make people who live in the country feel worse than city inhabitants.

To sum up, I think that country life is underrated because we usually perceive it as boring. We believe that it can not offer us anything interesting. The countryside is beautiful only for old people and for farmers who love the land.

autor: Magdalena Zając kl IIIA


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