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A Disastrous Evening

Imagine a bright sunlight when you wake up just before noon in a little summer house situated on a beach of the Adriatic. The only thing you would like to do is to sail to the island far away but not so far that you can't see it from your bedroom window. The weather is just perfect. And that's what we did. My mum, dad, my sister Alex and I bought a ticket for a ferry and sailed to this little but marvellous island. It took about two hours until we got there but the journey itself was an unforgettable experience. When we arrived at the port, after a short walk, we decided to rent a four-person-boat and sail around the island.

When we arrived at the port, after a short walk, we decided to rent a four-person-boat and sail around the island. The views were fantastic and breathtaking...but till that moment. The clouds were getting darker and darker and the sea was more and more troubled. In that tiny, additionally not in a good condition, boat we began to feel uncertain. Second by second there was still more water inside our boat and there were even not enough life jackets on the deck. As my mum and dad cannot swim and my sister was then a little girl, the three of them took the jackets and I had to manage without any. The boat was disturbingly shaking but fortunately the wind carried us towards the coast. Suddenly we hit something that in a few seconds turned out to be that stony coast, but it didn't mean that we were rescued-it was cut off from the rest of the island by a two-hundred-meter-high rocky wall. The first thing that my father did, he reached his pocket for his mobile phone, but unfortunately it was soaking wet like all of our clothes and shoes. The sun had been down a long time ago, so it was impossible to dry all his stuff. Stubbornly, we tried to call the boat centre and it was worth doing so as after half an hour we got through to the man that was responsible for renting boats. He was a little bit angry, let's say, but finally he sent for us a life boat. When the life-savers saw what had happened to their boat they were angry or even worse-they were just furious. We waited calmly for a while until they stopped shouting at us and eventually they took us on board and sailed with us back to the port. We were finally save and sound. But that was not the end...
We got on the ferry to go back to the land. Someone sitting behind me said that he had heard a weather forecast that there was going to be a stormy night, but I didn't believe that. I looked at the sea and it was as calm as never. I sat on my place, closed my eyes and dreamed about how it would be to live on such an island for ever or maybe to be a mermaid. Suddenly I felt like rolling...I stood up and saw the ferry roll from left to right, from bow to stern and from the beginning-from left to right... All the people got disoriented and were running from one side to another only making chaos. The officers tried to keep order, but the passengers panicked and wouldn't listen to any commands. After almost three hours we reached the shore and there was even a couple of ambulances waiting for the potentially wounded.
All in all we all got out of this adventure without any harm, except of our soaked clothes and documents. Only my mum suffered for the next five days as she got a seasickness. For me personally it was something really exciting and an unforgettable adventure. I'm not saying that I'd like to feel like that again some time in my life, but it was worth experiencing something like that.

Ocena nauczyciela: 9 punktów / 10

nadesłała: Monika Pięta


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