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Bad holiday experience

Honestly, I can't remember any bad experience from among all my holidays. All of them were really great and exciting but let me think...If I remember rightly it was three years ago. I was supposed to go to Paris with my best friend. Actually, we went there but from the time we arrived at the airport, for next ten days everything changed into a huge nightmare. According to the travel agency we should have been driven to a 1st class hotel in the centre and had a chauffer at our disposal for 24 hours a day. But the reality turned out to be completely different. We'd been waiting for our taxi for over three hours. When we arrived at the hotel under our own steam we were told to be not on the guests' list.

We got really upset. We couldn't afford to pay for ten days in such a luxury hotel out of our own pocket. We were forced to stay in a youth hostel near Paris, so we needed three hours to get to the centre. On the 2nd day we decided to do some shopping, that is our favourite hobby. We enjoyed it so much that we didn't see that by the end of the day we ran of money. We bought over ten bags of clothes, a few pairs of shoes, a whole bag of CD's and of course tons of cosmetics...but we didn't have anything to eat or drink in our room. So we weren't able to survive the next week. At the airport or in the hotel we managed to think something but now we didn't figure out anything. To be in Paris and have not even a franc! It was worse than the worst nightmare! We didn't even have any flight booked to Poland. The only way was to go back home by hichhicking. I won't tell you about it in details because I've got enough of these memories. I'll just say we arrived in our town after having spent four days in about fifteen different cars or lorries. I hope that none of my next holidays will be as horrible as those ones.

nadesłała: Monika Pięta


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