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Differences between lifestyle in Poland and Spain

There are some differences between the lifestyle in Spain and in Poland, but some morals are very similar. One of the differences is the time of the day that things happen. In comparison to Spaniards we go to work usually earlier, at 8 am, and we also finish it earlier, at 6 pm, sometimes even at 4 or 5 pm. In Poland there isn't any siesta, even in summer. Sometimes people have only a lunchtime, but it doesn't last too long. We also have our meals at other time of day- first, before we go to work or school we eat breakfast, then in the middle of the day- dinner, and in the evening- supper. But there are also some people who eat like in Spain.

As regards the people it's hard to say if we are the same as Spaniards or not. There are really different people, more or less caring, nice or unkind. We live also very variously- some of us in centres in apartment houses and some in our own houses.
The shops are open longer in Spain. It's very important for people who work all day. In Poland, when someone finishes work at 6 pm can't do the shopping after work, because practically everything is closed. When it comes to the shops, in Poland almost everything is much more expensive than in Spain.
Poles are better drivers, but it doesn't have any meaning, because we have terrible roads- everywhere holes and holes and no real superhighways. The public transport isn't very good, but it gets better all the time.
The education is better in Poland, I think. In Spain young people don't learn many foreign languages, which is very important in our times.
Summing up Poland and Spain are quite different countries.

nadesłała: Monika Pięta


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