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Idiomy angielskie

Be on one's last legs - About to fail due to age
Put / keep sth on the back burner - Postpone, put off doing sth
Be on the blink - Not working properly
Weigh a ton - Very heavy
Kill two birds with one stone - Fulfil two purposes
Teething troubles - Difficulties at an early stage
Nuts & bolts - Details
Go on line - Get connected to a central computer
As clear as a bell - Very easy
Surf the Net - Look up information on the Internet
Make head or tail of sth - Understand
Mind - boggling - Confusing
Come in handy - Be useful
See the light - Finally understand
Have sth in the pipeline - Have sth in the process of being prepared
Go back to the drawing board - Begin again
A flash in the pan - Popular for a short time
Be past one's sell-by date - No linger effective
Sell like hot cakes - Sell sth quickly
A carbon copy - Exactly the same
A rough diamond - A good person with uncivil, curt manners
Golden boy - Successful, popular person
Pull sb's leg - Tease sb in a friendly manner (robić kogoś w konia)
Put on a brave face - To try to look happy, pleasant in order to hide feeling upset, embarrassed
Stab sb in the back - Be disloyal to a person, esp. To sb who trusts us
Make one's hackles rise - Make sb very angry
Behind sb's back - Without one's knowledge, consent
Hot under the collar - Annoyed, frustrated, excited, worried
Keep one's cool - Remain calm in a difficult situation
Down-to-earth - Realistic, practical
Get sth off one's chest - To talk about worries in order to gain relief
A nosy Parker - Sb who is curious about other people’s business
A dark horse - Sb whose character is unknown
Lose one's head - To lose control due to panic, anger
Chip on one's shoulder - Sense of anger because of unfair treatment
Have a short fuse - Have a tendency to get angry quickly, easily
Get one's own back - To take revenge
A wet blanket - A miserable person who doesn't like others to have fun
As straight as a die - Completely honest, fair
Take one's point - Accept, appreciate what sb has said
Come under fire - To be condemned, to be sharply criticised
Foot the bill - Pay for sth
Count the cost - To suffer the consequences of a reckless, foolish action
On the other hand - However
Break the bank - To leave sb without money
A drop in the ocean - A very small amount compared to what is needed
Toe the line - To obey orders, rules
Go up in smoke - To end in nothing, to result in failure
Pay lip-service - To vice, express agreement on sth without actually supporting it
A step in the right direction - A positive action, esp. towards a solution
A breath of fresh air - Sb/sth refreshingly new and different
Put on the spot - To put on the sb in a difficult position. Esp. by a sudden question
Bring to light - To make known
A clean bill of health - A statement that sth/sb is in satisfactory condition, health
As clean as a whistle - Very clean
A rude awakening - A sudden understanding, awarness of sth unpleasant
Burn to a crisp - To burn sth completely
Pitch-black - Black, very dark
Bury one's head in the sand - Ignore trouble by pretending it doesn't exist
Be at loggerheads - In strong disagreement
A bone of contention - A sensitive issue that causes argument (kość niezgody)
Go round in circles - Argue about the same things repeatedly without reaching decision
In a nutshell - In a few words (krótko mówiąc)
Fight a losing battle - To struggle against sth with little or no hope of success
Rack one's brains - Think hard about sth in order to find a solution
Put one's heads together - To discuss sth, esp. in order to solve a problem
Start the ball rolling - Start a conversation, activity
Put one's thinking caps on - Start thinking about sth, esp. problem, difficulty
The bare bones - The most basic, important parts of sth
Rock the boat - To disturb, ruin a good situation, relation
Talk shop - To discuss work matters when not at work
Get on one's nerves - To annoy, irritate sb
Pass the buck - Avoid responsibility, blame by transferring it to sb else
Not mince one's words - Speak frankly, bluntly
Get a grip (on oneself) - Take, maintain control
Throw sb off balance - To confuse, surprise sb
Hold one's tongue - To keep silent
Drive home - To make sb fully aware, understand
Clear the air - To relieve tension, anger between people by saying, explaining sth
Ring hollow - To sound false, insincere, worthless
Take sth lying down - Accept sth harmful, unpleasant without complaint
Hot air - False promises, claims (bez pokrycia)
Dig one's heel in - Show firmness over sth, esp. one's own desires
Take the law into ones own hands - Do sth to combat injustice without abiding by the law
Seal one's fate - Ensure the death, failure of sth/sb (przypieczętować los)
Stick to one's guns - Keep supporting a paricular belief, course of action
Sit on the fence - Refuse to have an opinion or take sides in an issue
Be up in arms - Angry because one is opposed to sth
Vote with one's feet - Show one's opinion by (not) participaiting in sth, (not) going somewhere
Do the trick - Achieve what is wanted
A/ the running battle - Long-lasting struggle
Be easier said than done - Sth which sounds, appears simple but is difficult to achieve (łatwo mówić)
Fall on deaf ears - Be ignored, esp. of speech, advice
The grass roots - Ordinary people, not in authority but whose opinions are influential
Behind closed doors - In private, secretly
Call it a day - To stop doing sth
Cut no ice (with sb) - To fail to impress (nie robić wrażenia)
The law of the jungle - Situation where the law is disregarded and the strongest succeed
Chapter and verse - In full detail
Sit in judgement To decide if sb/sth is good or bad


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