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An influence of martial arts onto mental and physical development of man

Most people think, that martial arts can only be used by half-brained men, who want to flash in front of their half-brained pals... But is it really that way? Maybe, before we condemn martial arts we should ask what can they give to us? If we want to answer this question we have to first get to know what really martial arts are and what were they invented for. The fatherland of martial arts is middle-east China, where in 6thcentury an Indian monk named Bodhidharma during his 23-years long journey over the Asia came into a mountain monastery called Shaolin and showed to the monks a chain of 18 exercises which improved their health and helped them to repel the attacks of bandits. After his death they developed it first into 72, and then into 170 exercises, which were classified in 5 elementary styles of gong-fu (kung-fu): tiger's, leopard's, crane's, snake's and dragon's (nowadays there is about 1500 styles of kung-fu).

When in 1609Japanese invaded Okinawa (a small island in Ryukyu archipelago, just between China and Japan), and leaded in katanagari ("the hunting for swords"), which prohibited owning the swords, knives, axes etc., the islanders reached for Chinese methods of fighting and modified them. And so were karate-do ("the Way of empty hands") and kobu-do ("an old martial art." -the art. of fighting with simple agricultural instruments, such as bo- a long stick, kama- a sickle or tonfa- a short stick with perpendicular handle) invented.

Also Japanese had their own martial arts like kendo ("the Way of sword"), aikido ("the Way of harmony"), ju-jitsu ("the gentle fighting art.") or judo ("the gentle Way").
And now we have to get to know what's the difference between jitsu (jutsu) and do; Do is the designation of arts that were mostly used to self-perfecting by people and jitsu is the designation of arts that were invented simply to fight and beat the opponent.


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